I write and talk about the things I love.

That's always the starting point. Writing is  a trade that I basically stumbled into, but when I realized that communicating ideas through the written word came pretty naturally to me, it became easy to start nurturing the continued desire to practice how I express myself through it. That persistence in practicing came with a realization: people actually seem to care what you think when you can explain why you think the things you do, and when you elaborate on the process of the logic’s journey to a conclusion. Not unlike a math problem, you “show the work.”

It's what led me to pursue a degree in political science as an undergrad, since political ideas are at the core of what people seem to care about the most: the way they live their lives, and how those issues impact the ways in which other people live, too. Adapting that curiosity to other things, particularly as it relates to popular culture, is one of my absolutely favorite things to do. So, again, becoming a writer seemed natural to me.

I began writing comic book reviews for Batman-On-Film.com at the age of 18 back in 2006, which became an even more regular gig when I began working as a comic book retailer at Bellingham, WA's Comics Place the next year. Writing about comics and immersing myself in the worlds of characters I've loved since before I could walk was extraordinarily enriching, and developing an analytical thought process toward creative works was first ignited because of my love of stories featuring the likes of Superman, Batman, Captain America, Wonder Woman, Spider-Man, and many, many more.

This eventually led to my first paid writing job as a regular contributor to Movies.com and Fandango, both of which are owned by NBC Universal. I was able to slide into those positions on the recommendation of Batman-On-Film founder Bill Ramey, and through the association with Fandango, I've been given very unique opportunities to make my voice heard in cultural realms beyond comics, and some really rewarding jobs in B2B journalism.

Podcasting also became a developed passion when I started writing professionally, first as a regular panelist on the early Batman-On-Film podcast, then later on Modern Myth Media, which spun into a series of shows that I've been fortunate enough to serve as a guest on. Eventually this led to the creation of my own podcast projects: Comics on Consoles (which deals with the intersection between comics characters and video games), and Discovery Debrief: A Star Trek Podcast (adding to the conversation around my favorite sci-fi franchise's past, present, and future).

As the years have gone on, it's become clear to me that a regular archive of my own work should be maintained to account for new professional opportunities, as well as having a platform of my own should a situation call for it. That's what ByChrisClow.com will be dedicated to, so I hope you enjoy my work! Thanks for stopping by.