Comics on Consoles

Combining the topics of comic book characters and video games, Comics on Consoles goes in-depth into both the celebrated and abhorred representations of the icons of the comics medium and how well – or poorly – they’re translated into the interactive realm. Featuring content that gives a holistic perspective on a game’s subject character and their journey toward a particular game, Comics on Consoles has featured such titles as EA and Eurocom’s Batman Begins, Activision and Neversoft’s Spider-Man, WB and Deadline’s Watchmen: The End is Nigh, and THQ and Volition, Inc.’s The Punisher. The show also features guest co-hosts ranging from comics and video game commentators, to the people who actually made the games themselves possible. @ComicsConsoles

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Discovery Debrief: A Star Trek Podcast

Co-hosted by Chris along with biology PhD candidate Rachael Clow, film critic and college professor Zaki Hasan, and gaming and cultural commentator Cicero Holmes, the Discovery Debrief crew lets their Trekker flags fly every time they get together to record. Though initially brought together to discuss all the newest aspects of the Star Trek franchise arising out of its newest entry, Star Trek: Discovery, the crew regularly comments and analyzes the whole franchise’s past, present, and future, and plans to cover all the new series and any movies that might emerge along the way.

Hailed as “the perfect blend of a straightforward review through the lens of franchise familiarity and adoration by fans,” Discovery Debrief plans on absorbing all of Star Trek to keep the spirit of its optimistic future alive. @DSCDebrief